About Us

House of David Ministries is located in Boise Idaho, USA. It is associated with Key of David, in Seattle, Washington, USA.

House of David Ministries sponsors the House of David Scripture College in Boise, Idaho, and is accredited through ACI (Accrediting Commission International). Students study for various Theological and Ministry Degrees, such as 1-year Ministerial Certificate, 2-year Associate of Theology Degree, 4-year Theology Degree, 5-year Theology and Ministry Degree, and Doctor of Theology Degree. Pastor Douglas Morris is the president of the Scripture College, and Pastora Heather Morris is the Administrator. A team of 6 Academic Advisory Board Members oversee the college.

Pastor Douglas Morris, Th.D., is the Senior Pastor of the House of David Ministries (Boise, Idaho), and Key of David Christian Church (Seattle). He also is the President of the Scripture College. Pastor Jeremy (JJ) Calhoun, Th.D., is the Associate Pastor of the House of David Ministries in Boise, Idaho, USA. Pastors Sean Sterling, Th.D., and Vic Calhoun also assist HOD.

The House of David Ministries and Key of David Christian Church reach out throughout the United States, as well as across the nations, spreading the gospel. We are currently working with the Key of David Christian churches in India, Ghana [Ho, & Accra--5 assemblies], Nigeria [Aba Abia State], Belgium [Derlijk, and Turnhout], Peru [Chaclacayo], the Philippines [San Pablo City, San Fernando (La Union), and Bicol], Congo, Kenya (Nairobi & Mombasa) who have come in under the covering of House of David and Key of David. We also minister in Chile, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, England, Kazakhstan and Greece. We are happy and willing to work with all denominations that are born again and desire to spread the good news of the Gospel.