Sun, Dec 08, 2019

HOD Prophecy

HOD Prophecy

December 8, 2019

My Beloved! Oh, My Beloved! I am looking at you today and I know what you are

capable of in this hour. I know that because I created you and part of what I

created in you was to stand in this hour.

This is a day of faith, a day of hope, a day of expectation, and a day of fulfillment

within My heart. You see, Beloved, the enemy, the enemy of Me is rallying. There

is a dark cloud that is churning and it is enveloping the earth in this hour. He

hates Me and he hates you! But Beloved, do not be so focused on what he is

doing. Be focused on what I am doing! His design is to destroy everything I have

built within the hearts of my people, both past and present, and to bring fulfillment

in his mind of what he desires to accomplish and to become.

But Beloved, Beloved! This hour is mine! It is not his! This hour has been

foreordained. I am in control of it! And he does not know it, but I am in control of

his plan. He has strength. He has had dominion to a point. But he will not win.

Beloved, do not take lightly the words the words I am speaking to you! I want you

to understand your part within this! You have looked at Me with hope! You have

looked at Me with love! But there has been a part within you that you have

reserved and set aside to be tempted by the one who hates Me.

Beloved, you must look at your life the way I look at your life, not the way he

looks at your life. When I step in to set you free, then let the chains be broken

and do not grab them again to put them around your mind and around your

hearts! That has been your coping! He has made that available to you and I have

let him do so!

But in this hour, in this hour, Beloved, there is no room for you to take comfort in

his arms! They will not sustain you! They will lead you to destruction! I am here

today to promise you that if you will look to Me, if you will give Me your hearts, if

you will put down the things that have confused you and led you where you are

today in him, then I will break the chains! I will break the confusion! I will give you

what you need in this hour!

Understand this, oh understand, this Beloved! I am opening My heart and giving

you understanding that has not been understood before and it is the very path

that I am laying before you that will lead you out of his clutches.

Do not take lightly what I am doing in this hour! Do not look at it like you have

looked at everything else! Look at this the way I intend and you will be set free

from the very things that you have allowed to hold you back! I do not want you

confused! I do not want you to rely on the emotional strategies of My enemy. I

want you to be set free and there is nothing I would not do to set you free today

so that you can grow and become the warriors and those that will stand in this

hour to bring Me to the nations.

I am speaking to you, but I am speaking to the nations! Be set free from My

enemy and stand and be set free in Me, in My heart, in My plan, in My strength. I

will be everything you need! I will give you everything you need! I will send you

My angels with the strength that you need!

It is simple. It is so simple. Humble yourselves! Humble yourselves! Humble

yourselves! We are looking forward to a very fast time that will bring about the

wrap up of what I have planned. I want you part of this! I have made a way for

you to be part of this! Beloved! I will do My part! Will you do yours? Will you? Will

you put him aside and when he tempts you to be confused will you put him

aside? In your weakness, will you allow Me to be your strength and not him?

Beloved! Also understand this, My love has driven Me throughout the ages to pull

in those that would hear My voice and allow Me to give them, and become, the

love in their life. If this is what you want, this is what I want and together we will

make it happen.

And we will see the strongholds- though it may take down others, it will not take

you down! You will stand! You will stand victorious! You may feel the pain of it,

but you will be overwhelmed with the joy, and the love, and the desire, and the

hope, and the strength. You will be brave! You will be strong! You will stand in

this hour!

And I will get all of the esteem, and the glory. And My face will be seen on this

earth! Let Me be seen in you in this day! Let Me be strong in you in this day and

together with the angels, we will sing a song of celebration that will ring

throughout the heavens and the earth and eternity!

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