Sun, Jan 10, 2021

HOD Prophecy

HOD Prophecy

January 10, 2021

My Beloved! There is such movement in the heavenlies and on the earth. It

is not just a stirring anymore! It is movement that has not ever been seen!

Beloved! My angels! My angels have been dispatched and they are waiting!

They are awaiting My words. You see, they will not do anything other than

what I have for them to do. They will not move until I tell them to do so and

they will not step out on their own understanding. They have been waiting

for the culmination of what I am doing! I have shared My heart with them

and their part within My plan. And they are eager to see what is the vision

in their hearts!

Beloved! Beloved! My enemy is executing his plan. You only see a glimpse

of it and you may think you understand it. Oh, but I understand it! I know

what he thinks- what he thinks he has accomplished and what he thinks he

will accomplish. Beloved! This is bigger than you are. But it is not bigger

than I am!

There have been culminations of powers and strategies and wars that have

gone forth through time and I have had My hand within those things and I

have moved and chosen to let things happen because of the plan I have for

this time. Those who have gone before you have been used by Me. They

have been faithful! There are those who have planned against Me and

been totally unfaithful.

I am asking you today to look at this event anew. Beloved! There are those

of you who think that you are able to withstand the storm that is coming--

that if you simply put in place certain comforts within your life emotionally,

spiritually, and in every other area, and that you will withstand what he is


Beloved! Hear Me! If you do the comfortable things that you think will

sustain you but you do not lean on Me, he will overcome you! Do you really

think that if he offers you a way out that seems reasonable unto you that

you will be saved from the time you are in? You will only survive if you hear


But you have chosen to not hear Me! You do not understand Me! You lean

on your own understanding! Do you think you can figure this out on your

own? Do not put your hand to Me and then grab My enemy with the other

one so that when you choose, you can go to him and you will stand in his


He thinks he has control. He thinks he has accomplished in you what he

desires- that your weakness will become his ability to overcome you in your

mind and in your heart and in your deeds.

You have loved Me, I know! But I am here to show you what real love is--so

that you can hear Me when I speak! --So that you can stand with My angels

and only move when I tell you to move! You see, My enemy will tell you to

move and your emotions will lean his direction- that is his hook in your life.

It has been a hook in your life.

But Beloved, will you hear Me? Will you stand with Me? Will you love Me?

Will you choose Me? Will you, on My spoken word do what I have asked

you to do in the face of what everything in you chooses to do?

Choose Me! I have a way for you! My enemy does not understand it. He

does not understand love. He understands control and he is gaining in his

control. If you think you can withstand his control, you are leaning on your

own understanding.

Will you stand victorious in Me no matter what you lose? Is this your

resolve? Do you hear Me today?

The time is short! Shorter than it has ever been! I will move! Yes, I will

move! But I have been waiting for you to stand up to the challenges that I

have allowed in your life.

And for those who have overcome, WELCOME! For those who have put up

their hand and said “Not today,” you are in peril this day- for My enemy is

gaining ground in his strategies.

All you need to do- it is so simple- all you need to do is learn like you have

never learned before what it means to lean on Me- to be humble before

Me- to give Me your decisions! I will lead you! I will stand with you! I have

been waiting to do so! And there, in that place, you will find humility- will

triumph over every insecurity- over every fear. I will drive my enemy from

your midst and I will hold him back so you can see and understand and

stand in this hour! There is nothing, NOTHING, that will stand in My way!

I have been waiting! My angels have been waiting and we will go forth! We

will see what has been in My heart! We will see My enemy defeated! I will

bring you to myself!

Oh, Beloved! This warning comes very deeply from My heart. But just as

deeply as that comes from My heart, comes such a hope and expectation! I

knew you before you were in the womb and I knew what you would face

and I knew the decisions you could and you would make.

Beloved, today is a day of victory for Me! But take it sovereignly because

My enemy has a plan for you. But greater than his plan for you is My plan

for you! I will open up your heart and your mind and your spirit. You will

understand! You will get strength by every challenge you face!

And together, together we will see My enemy fall! And we will have the

time of rejoicing and the time of celebration and the time of victory that has

been in our hearts! Open your hearts today to the vision that I have for your

place within My plan!

And we will walk together and our joy will be full- it will be full, it will be

seen, it will be more than you can contain and we will stand together and

show this earth their creator and their Elohim!

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